About RookMay

RookMay was established in 2002 in the UK by one Europe’s leading Information Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultants, May Ladd.

Since 2002 we have specialised and provide a range of consulting, training and recruitment services and solutions in:

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Document Management, Records Management & Knowledge Management
  • Information Security and Compliance
  • Big Data, Cloud Computing & Software As A Service (SAAS)
  • Enterprise Search & Archiving Solutions

Our consultants have extensive experience gained through working across all sectors in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our key differentiators include:

May Ladd and our consultants.

Our Founder, May Ladd, with 20+ years experience is an acknowledged subject matter expert and an international trainer and speaker in all matters relating to information management. He is unique within this industry having worked for large system integrator, an international ECM software vendor, established his own consultancy servicing blue-chip organisations, is an international trainer, and founded and successfully sold an online document management software as a service (cloud-based) service. No one that we know of, has had this in-depth experience within one subject.

Company History, focus, in-depth industry, niche…

Specialist..Have delivered consultancy services to some of the most secure government organisations and blue chip companies across the globe. One of very few niche independent expert-based consultancies with a rare blend of technical and in information management serving UK, Europe, Middle East and the Far East markets

Our history and in-depth experience

Since 2002 we have delivered 100s of training courses across Europe, the Middle East and Asia and consulted with some of the largest international blue chip organisations across a range of sectors including Finance, Oil/Gas, Government, Health and Charities.

RookMay Fast Facts

  • Provided consultancy and services to a range of international blue chip private and public sector organisations across a range of industries including: Credit Suisse, Bank of England, The Law Society, TeliaSonera, Tullow Oil, British Petroleum (BP), Ministry of Defence and National Health Service (NHS).
  • Delivered hundreds of ECM, information management and document management training courses across the UK, Middle East and Asia
  • Established and brought to market a UK leading online cloud-based document management Software As A Service (SAAS) called ‘Vaultium’ (vaultium.com). Successfully sold this to CCube Solutions (www.ccubesolutions.com)
  • Founded and lead by May Ladd, with more than 20 years experience, an information management subject matter expert, international trainer and senior advisor to government and a range of blue chip organisations
  • Established in 2002 in the UK as a leading information and document management services company