Enterprise Content Management – 2017 – What’s Going To Happen!


Every year I like to give my personal views and thoughts on what is happening in the industry based on my international training seminars, interactions with businesses and clients and through my consulting engagements. With Brexit looming, major changes across the European landscape (both politically and economically) and other wider global effects

Here are the 5 areas, in no particular order of importance:

1. Security. As kind of expected, there will be a continued theme of security related events including additional cyber security services and software tools right through to training that will have additional features bolted onto and integrated into ECM solutions. Organisations looking to deploy cloud and part-cloud solutions for document storage will need to set clear requirements and contracts in place when looking into the ‘air’.

2. Compliance. The world is continuing to move towards deeper compliance and audit requirements, bolstered by security concerns and threats of litigation, organisations seek stronger control of information and documents. e-Discovery continues to expand from legal circles into other sectors that are looking for total information lifecycle management solutions and longer document retention. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is around the corner in 2018 and organisations will look at this in light of other EU changes taking place.

3. Mobile. Vital information and documents are continued being accessed through various different platforms but the mobile phone looks like it will dominate when its comes to secure access. Stronger authentication controls and the ability to carry out more interactive ECM features via the mobile will continue.

4. Migration. With the growth in document volumes and the continuing need to store for longer (but still retrieve), migration strategies will continue to evolve need careful planning to ensure key records that need to be retained can be successfully retrieved and managed. Records Management will support migration by classifying documents in order of their business and legal value.

5. Archiving. Finally, archiving, a major headache for many organisations looks like its going to continue to hurt. Integration with archiving tools and controls as well as a federated approach and strategy is necessary. Preservation standards will be employed when looking at longer term storage.

About May Ladd

May Ladd, founder of RookMay, with 20+ years experience is an acknowledged subject matter expert and an international trainer and speaker in all matters relating to enterprise content and information management. He is unique within this industry having worked for large system integrator, an international ECM software vendor, established his own consultancy servicing blue-chip organisations, is an international trainer, and founded and successfully sold an online document management software as a service (cloud-based) service. No one that we know of, has had this in-depth experience within one subject and is passionate about what he does.

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